I am a Russian native. I was born and raised in Russia, and I first came to the United States in 1992. I currently reside in 2 different states throughout the year: California and Hawaii. My family lives in Velikiy Novgorod, Russia . I frequently travel to Russia and that helps me maintain ties with my culture and follow political, social and economic developments in the country. I am also able to keep my Russian up to date, since rapid changes in Russia's political and economic life bring along linguistic novelties.

Languages and intercultural relations have always been my passion.  As a schoolgirl, I had penpals in many countries. My first experience with American culture was in 1992/93 as an exchange student at Davidson College in North Carolina. After graduating with advanced degrees I joined the Faculty of Novgorod State University to teach Translation and Interpreting. I also participated in professional development programs in the USA including The Junior Faculty Development Program at Monterey Institute of International Studies, Graduate School of Translation and Interpretation in Monterey, California. I am married to an American husband, and I have grown accustomed to the American culture. The knowledge of both Russian and American societies gives me valuable experience when dealing with customers from both countries who wish to communicate with each other. 

I was educated both in Russia and in the United States. I hold graduate degrees in English and Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Linguistics, and Translation and Interpretation from Novgorod State University, Russia.

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