Tatiana Lammers
Professional Freelance Translation
English to Russian (Russian native)


    2003-2004   Monterey Institute of International Studies. Graduate
                    School of Translating and Interpreting.  Monterey, CA, USA. (Professional                           Development Program. US Department of State Certificate)

    1989-1994   Novgorod State University. Foreign Languages Faculty. 
                    Velikiy Novgorod. Russia. (Diploma of a Specialist in the field of EFL


    1992-1993   Davidson College. Davidson, NC, USA (Certificate)

       Professional Experience:

1. 1993 to present time - Freelance Translator/ Interpreter
          Here is the list of some of my employers I worked for:

      * Developing and editing Russian and English subtitles for educational video

         content for Mango Languages (July 2014 - present)


       * Translation of legal agreements, scripts for videos, technical and financial

         documents, Diplomas and university transcripts, various certificates (Birth

         Certificates, Certificates of Naturalization, Marriage Certificates), IT, medical

         and marketing texts (2008-present)


        * Translation of various production documents for NBCUniversal's 'E! 

         Entertainment' program for Russia (March 2014 - January 2015)

      * Translation of a historical fiction and an adventure novel from Russian into

         English (November 2013 - February 2014). Published in July 2014.


      * Translation of marketing press release for a company manufacturing painted

         glass (2013)

     * Translation of public health, HIV and AIDS related documents for Heath

         Connections International (http://healthconnections.info), as well as

         the web communication platform (http://www.myhci.org) (2009-2012)

        * Pro-bono work: subtitles for various promo-videos of American TV shows

         (example: http://youtu.be/neKqbBjFOM8, http://youtu.be/35aU2Oj3RtI

         (2010 – 2013)

      * Translation of the information for the following web-site: http://oratorbook.com (in              2010)

       * Translation of Holocaust research questionnaire (2010) 

       * Russian into English Translation of 55 newspaper and magazine articles (2009)

       * Carp Fishing Club in Riga, Latvia (In 2008 I translated a book on big carp fishing,               numerous articles on fishing as well as the correspondence with the book author)

      *   LanaTran Translation Agency. Moscow. Russia. (In 2007 I translated several                        documents such as Noise Certificate for Civil Airplanes and Preface, contract                      documents and  several chapters of a Textbook for Future Hairdressers and Stylists)

* Construction Company 'BUSINESS PARTNER'. Velikiy Novgorod, Russia (In 2005-2006          I translated a Catalogue of Pipes and Piping Systems, and a Manual of Ultrasound                Scanner for Fishing Boats)

  * Chemical Plant 'ACRON". Velikiy Novgorod, Russia. (2000-2003 translations in                     chemistry, fertilizers manufacturing, electronics, patenting and licensing, technical               documents)

* Foundation for Attracting Foreign Investments to Novgorod Region
          (translations in economics and investments)

* IREX/USAID; Novgorod Office (I have done severals jobs for them
          including simultaneous interpreting at the international conference on
          'Local Initiatives and Projects'; interpreted for the group of the US
          auditors on the use of grants money by non-governmental
          organizations in Novgorod; worked  with a group of the US experts
          visiting orphanages in Novgorod)

* Chewing Gum Factory 'STIMOROL'. Novgorod, Russia  (summer 1995
         - I substituted an in-house translator)

  * Novgorod Regional Children's Library (Translation of a grant
          application and a project description)

* CO-Mission (1994-1996 - interpreted for the Christian Missionary
         group teaching Curriculum on Christian Moral and Ethics)

* Scientology group in Novgorod (1995 - I interpreted American
          speakers at several workshops)

* Josh McDowell Mission Tour to Russia. Summer of 1996 -
          I interpreted for the 'Green Bus Team', Novgorod, Russia

* Close Corporation 'NOVGORODTELECOM'

* I did the simultaneous interpreting at the international conference
          on 'Assessment of Higher Education in Russia and Europe' hosted
          by Novgorod State University, Russia

* In summer  of 1996 I worked as a tour guide for the group of
         students and teachers from Gotland, Sweden

* I have translated various private / personal projects (such as personal
         correspondence, Diplomas, General Certificates of Education, Birth
         Certificates, Medical Forms, books and manuals, etc.)

August 1994 - August 2006 - Assistant Professor at English Language
         Department. Novgorod State University, Russia
           I taught the following classes:
           * Simultaneous Interpreting
           * Written Translation (Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced levels)
           * Consecutive Interpreting (Intermediate and Advanced levels)

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